It seems like there’s a podcast for everything these days. Have you ever thought about using them for your own self development or mental health practices?

Podcasts aren’t just true crime and sports and reality TV run downs! There are actually a LOT of helpful podcasts out there that you can use as another tool in your self care tool kit. But, given how many podcasts are out in the world, we get that it can be kind of daunting to find ones that are actually worth a listen. So we’ve done the looking for you!

Here are 9 podcasts to support your mental health:


Therapy for Black Girls hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

Therapy for Black Girls is a weekly podcast where licensed psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford covers topics related to mental health, personal development and small decisions that promote self improvement. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford’s work is all about making mental health issues and resources more accessible and relevant for Black women.

Where Should We Begin? hosted by Esther Perel

Esther Perel (psychotherapist and writer) hosts the podcast Where Should We Begin? where couples facing all relationship or intimacy issues–in all types of relationships, not just couples! Listen to this podcast if you want insight on our vulnerable moments and our desire to connect with others.

The Positive Psychology Podcast hosted by Kristen Truempy

Want the science of the good life? That’s what this podcast is aiming to give you! Breaking it down in a more accessible way than dense psychology journals, The Positive Psychology podcast is all about providing you the knowledge to use positive psychology to change your life for the better.

Meditation Minis hosted by Chel Hamilton

You don’t need to be a mindfulness or meditation expert to incorporate a meditation practice into your life! Use these short episodes, hosted by Chel Hamilton, to dip your toe into the world of meditation. With episodes ranging between 6 and 40 minutes, there’s an episode for everyone’s busy schedule.

Ologies hosted by Alie Ward

While this one is not a mental health podcast, part of good mental health is being mentally and intellectually stimulated in ways that you enjoy! Which makes Ologies, hosted by Alie Ward, a perfect choice. Interviewing an expert in a different field each episode, Alie covers topics from sea turtles to personalities to indigenous fashion to theater props to ADHD!

Griefcast hosted Cariad Lloyd

Griefcast is a weekly podcast where each episode someone new comes on to talk to Cariad Lloyd about their experiences with grief, pain, loss and all the other things no one talks about when a loved one dies. While handling heavy subject matter, Griefcast is hosted by comedians–which may sound odd, but they help bring a humanity and levity to the subject so it doesn’t weigh too heavily on their listeners.

The Hilarious World of Depression hosted by American Public Media

Another podcast managing serious subject with humor, the Hilarious World of Depression brings new guests on each episode to talk about how they’ve managed to deal with the seriousness of depression and still find humor in it and life along the way.

Latinx Therapy hosted by Adriana Alejandre, LMFT

This podcast centers around mental health issues specific to Latinx people and communities; Adriana Alejandre uses each episode to tackle different stigma, stereotypes and challenges that Latinos and Latinas face when seeking mental health care.

Mad Chat hosted by Sandy Allen

When it comes to cultural understanding of mental illness, we still have a long way to go. Mad Chat, hosted by Sandy Allen, takes a look at popular media, how it portrays mental health and mental illness, and what that’s saying about our culture’s engagement with mental health.

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