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Our office was designed with you in mind…

Our office was designed with you in mind, to allow you to comfortably relax while you visit us at Andover Family Counseling. Our hope is that you can arrive, sip a cup of tea or coffee and allow us to be your sounding board and guide for the hour you are here with us.

In 2019, Andover Family Counseling expanded our space and completely remodeled our current office suite. When you enter our office space, you will be greeted with natural colors, natural lighting, and beautiful blooming plants. While you are waiting for your session, you have the option of two different waiting rooms. One room offers a leather couch, surrounded by natural plants, soft music and magazines. The other waiting room is separate and designed with our younger clients in mind, providing age appropriate toys, and soft carpet for children to play on.

Our 1400 square foot suite offers five large offices, each designed and inspired by the therapists at Andover Family Counseling. Included in these offices is an art room as well as a play therapy room, carefully designed keeping in mind play therapy theories as well as the comfort of each child that will utilize this room.

Our team at Andover Family Counseling is looking forward to working with you. Please feel free to reach out at or 316-247-3063 if you have any questions.