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Children often experience big emotions such as anger, sadness, and grief but they haven’t yet developed the cognitive ability to understand or express exactly what they are feeling. This often leads to disruptions in the home, school or even daycare. Play therapy is a proven therapeutic modality that assists children with many issues they are faced with today.

This is where a trained play therapist comes in! We enter your child’s world from his perspective and allow him to guide the play. We begin to identify and understand what your child is experiencing and aid you and your child with tools through this tricky time. With a trained play therapist, play therapy can be an effective treatment to help the child grow, thrive and heal. At Andover Family Counseling, our Registered Play Therapist can walk you through every step of your play therapy journey.


Lindsay N Sanner, LSCSW, RPT

Lindsay has dedicated much of her personal and professional life to working with children.  Personally, Lindsay and her family served as foster parents and as an active volunteer in her children’s schools.  Lindsay also served on the Board of Directors of Sunlight Children’s Advocacy and Right’s Foundation.  She is currently on the Board of the Kansas Association for Play Therapy. Lindsay strongly believes that play is the child’s language, and this is how therapy should be approached.  As a parent, it is heartbreaking to see your child struggle, to approach obstacles and unsure how to assist them overcome these obstacles.  This is where Lindsay comes in.  Her experience and extensive training as a play therapist can help you work through these obstacles and help you and your child walk towards a happier life. 

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