Individual Therapy

Some people come to therapy because they are struggling with a specific issue, others come because they are not feeling like themselves. Whatever it may be, we are here for you.  At Andover Family Counseling, we use multiple evidence based techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT), two of the most clinically effective practices supported by psychological research. Some of the topics addressed in individual therapy include:

                       ✔️ Health Issues                    ✔️ Depression
                       ✔️ Anxiety                               ✔️ Healthy Boundaries
                       ✔️ Divorce                               ✔️ Anger
                       ✔️ Major Life Changes         ✔️ Loneliness
                       ✔️ Grief/Loss                           ✔️ COVID-19

Work towards a brighter future...

Life can be a struggle at times. If you find yourself having trouble controlling worries, feeling down, or just having a difficult time adjusting to a change in your life, it may be time to seek help in the form of therapy. At Andover Family Counseling, we offer a supportive place for you to just grab a cup of coffee and relax during your therapy session. We will work together toward a brighter future.

Our trained therapists will work alongside you to develop a customized approach to overcome challenges you are facing. Tools that are provided in therapy are practical and can be taken and implemented into your everyday life. Many people seek individual therapy, including successful professionals, people who are struggling in their professional life but happy in their personal, or someone who is wanting to address trauma from the past. We are here to help.

Amy Schreffler, LCMFT, LMAC

Having many years of experience and extensive training, Amy has come to enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds, cultural experiences, and orientations. She frequently works with people who have gone through traumatic experiences in their life, no matter the size of the traumatic experience.   She often supports people who are going through grief or supporting family members through a family member’s sobriety. Some issues Amy enjoys working with are as follows:

                       ✔️ Depression                       ✔️ Abuse/neglect survivors
                       ✔️ Parenting                          ✔️ Change of life transitions
                       ✔️ Grief                                    ✔️ Domestic violence survivors
                       ✔️ Anxiety                               ✔️ Career/Lifestyle changes

Brice Sanner, LMFT

Brice loves working with teenagers, more specifically teenage boys who are struggling with defiance, bullying, opening up to their parents, or just overall not loving or living life to it’s fullest.  Teens often trust Brice, and in return Brice enjoys listening and connecting to each person individually, especially since Brice believes teens are the experts of their own world.  If your teen is exhibiting one of the following symptoms, it may be time to reach out.  In addition to teenagers, Brice enjoys working with men who are struggling with something in life.  If desired, Brice comes from a Christian background and can implement some of this in his work. 

                       ✔️ Irritability                           ✔️ Isolation
                       ✔️ Anxiety                               ✔️ Difficulty sleeping
                       ✔️ Argumentative                ✔️ Trouble in school
                       ✔️ Major Life Changes         ✔️ Loneliness 

Caitlin Mauk, LMSW

Caitlin comes from the perspective that every person is unique and has something new and special to bring to session.  Caitlin enjoys working with young women, ages 14 and up, as well as just women in general.  She is a woman that loves supporting other women!  Are you feeling the pressure of being an adult? Are you stressed out and frustrated with how your life is going and you aren’t sure where to turn?  Caitlin may be able to help.  

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