Family Therapy

Your family is unique.  With each family comes different individuals, which means many different personalities, maybe different life experiences, and values.  What you once pictured for your family may change over time, as you grow and change. 

As you move throughout your daily life, going to work, taking children to practices, or if it is just making dinner, you may begin to feel disconnected with family members.  We are here to tell you, you are not alone.  Many people feel this way.  But you do not have to continue to feel this way with your family.  We are here for you. 


We are here for you...

Andover Family Counseling is well known for our work with families. We work with families that have children from early childhood through to the teenage years and beyond. Families are complicated. They are ever-changing, evolving and tensions naturally rise. Oftentimes, family therapy seems like the last resort. But once you reach out to our family therapists, you’ll understand why it is a step in the right direction.

At Andover Family Counseling, our therapists work with families to identify goals personal to each specific family. Some of these goals can be addressing parenting, sibling conflict, separation/divorce, transitions, or grief/loss to name a few. It is tough being a parent, we know that! We understand that! We want you to know you are not alone.

Amy Schreffler, LCMFT, LMAC

Having raised a family herself, Amy knows the important of connecting and taking time for each family member.  She focuses on providing a safe and connected space for the healing process to begin.  Amy enjoys working with many types of families. Perhaps blending your two families together is more difficult than you thought!  Maybe co-parenting is creating more conflict than is should.  Whatever you and your family are struggling with, Amy and you can work together to come up with a plan. 

Brice Sanner, LMFT

Brice is currently in the midst of parenting two children as well. So family dynamics is something he knows very well.  From life experiences to extensive training, Brice thoroughly enjoys working with families who have maybe gone off course.  Brice likes to focus on rebuilding family connections that will last a lifetime.  If your family is looking to move past growing pains, and learn new skills that may carry throughout their life, reach out to Brice. 

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